Tour Management

Nowadays, more than ever, many artists are having to wear a multitude of hats: songwriter, band leader, manager, booking agent, social media and PR, promoter, maybe even running their own record label. And when all that’s done, they get to go on tour.

Supporting musicians is at the heart of what APL does. We provide tour management services so you can put on your best show every night of the tour. Services we provide are:

  • Driving: experienced driver in North America, Europe, the UK and Asia
  • Concert and day-to-day hi-res photography
  • Accommodation and travel arrangements
  • Advancing shows
  • Creating day sheets and deliver itineraries
  • Front of House: liaising with venue, merchandise sales, financial settlement
  • Point of contact between venues, agent and management
  • Expense tracking

Your Tour Manager: Antoine

Touring is physically and psychologically demanding, to say the very least. I believe in supporting artists in tangible ways with the skills I’ve acquired over the better part of a decade in the music industry. I’ve worked as a venue booker, promoter, radio presenter, booking agent and tour manager.

I’m a Belgian and British citizen and speak French, English, Spanish, and Indonesian fluently, and get by in German (and even Luxembourgish…). I’ve taken bands on tour in Canada, the US, Europe and the UK. I’m organised, a straight forward communicator, honest, fun-loving and enjoy playing a supportive role.

I’m married to a touring musician and when I’m not on tour or bent over my computer, I’m usually out in the hills photographing wildlife, birds in particular.”

Contact us for more info at apltourmanagement (at) or use the contact form.