Sarah Jane Scouten

Sarah Jane

Three-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominee, Sarah Jane Scouten’s music delivers a signature mix of vintage folk and country music, with modern sounds and subjects. An ever expanding palette brings a freshness to her brand of ambient indie Americana — or “space-country” as she likes to call it. It’s as relevant to today as it is rooted in the music of her forebears. Touring throughout North America and Europe, this seasoned performer boasts a top-notch live band and considerable acclaim for her last three full-length albums.

Her fourth album “Confessions”, recorded in Toronto with veteran producer Andre Wahl, is a further exploration of Americana sounds and song forms, ranging from indie-pop and folk rock to gritty hints of 70’s David Bowie and T-Rex. Scouten doesn’t lose herself at the helm of so many influences, but ties it together by invoking Sturgill Simpson, classic Tom Petty and Emmylou Harris’ Wrecking Ball.

Raised in a musical family on Bowen Island BC, where harmony singing was more common than watching television, Sarah Jane commits to her roots, using her warbling voice and knack for storytelling to captivate and transport her audiences. Sarah Jane is steeped in North American and British folk music from years of finding folk music at its source, from the folklorists of Vancouver Island to old time jams in West Virginia, Sacred Harp singing in Kentucky, the song craft of Nashville, two-stepping in Louisiana and her Glasgow roots.

Confessions possesses an almost irresistible draw.”

– Exclaim!

What makes this collection most remarkable is her ability to share the details of her life in a way that makes us all a little stronger, and a hopefully a little more understanding.

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Rubah di Selatan

Rubah di Selatan

Rubah di Selatan draw inspiration from their daily experiences, ancient tales and local history, fusing the incredible wealth of traditional art forms of their native land of Central Java and other parts of Indonesia with a modern ambient sound, embody the aural flavours of Javanese culture while exploring the framework of pop music, pushing the boundaries of both genres. Singing in English, Indonesian and Javanese, the band offers a novel perspective on a land we all know of, but about which we often know very little.

Their set is a goose-bump inducing journey through the traditions of the Indonesian Archipelago, its ancient wisdom and troubled history on a backdrop of constantly evolving sonic landscapes. Four voices, guitar, synthesizers and South Asian percussion make for a unforgettable dreamlike  experience.

Rubah di Selatan released heir first album “Anthera” in February 2019 to critical acclaim across Indonesia. Their music has touched millions of fans in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, with a growing online following, their Youtube videos receiving over 200.000 views. Rubah di Selatan have toured Indonesia extensively, where in Europe in 2018, South Korean in 2019 and are now eager to continue building their international audience.




Nina Harries


Using original material composed on the double bass, British double-bassist, songwriter and vocalist Nina Harries’s music and technique has both an ethereal and an earthy modernist sound.

Exploring the aural relationship between the double bass and the female voice, Nina uses modern life, ancient prose and heavy realism to inspire her lyrics which are often profound, enthralling and at times mesmeric in their repetitive quality. She released her eponymous album in September 2019.

Nina grew up in a family where music was the chosen language, watching her father perform with the likes of Bryan Eno, Steele Eye Span or Katie Melua. She studied western classical music at the Royal College of Music where she discovered her real passion lay in contemporary classical music. Nina also began to work as a soloist and band bassist for several acts from the London band scene, namely The Burning Glass, John Fairhurst Trio, Barbarella’s Bang Bang, Symphonica Feat DJ Switch and the London Electronic Orchestra.

Since 2017, Nina has been performing vocals and double-bass in world-famous dancer Akram Khan’s swan-song solo ‘XENOS’. She has also performed with Anoushka Shankar, comedian Bill Bailey, folk singer John Smith and more.

I think it is fair to say that you cannot and should not underestimate this lady, you cannot take her for granted. This album will move you through a rainbow of sounds and is deeply captivating. She is certainly one to pay attention to.

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Transatlantic quintet Aerialists meld their ferociously creative harmonic sensibilities and deep love for folk traditions into a post-rock coloured sound.

Featuring Scottish harpist Màiri Chaimbeul (Darol Anger & The Furies, Brìghde Chaimbeul), and Canadian neo-folk innovators Adam Iredale-Gray (Fish & Bird) on guitar and Elise Boeur (Jenny Ritter) on fiddle with a stellar rhythm section, the group draws from the wells of Nordic and Gaelic music, adding expansive textures and meticulously sculpted arrangements to create captivating, genre-defying new music.

Following the release of the new album Group Manoeuvre, the band has toured in the UK with high-profile shows at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, performed at Belgium’s renowned Muzieklub ‘t Ey, and toured in Canada including performances at Vancouver Jazz Festival, Hillside Festival, Deep Roots Festival, Northern Lights Festival Boréal, and Islands Folk Festival. Aerialists are returning to the studio in January, and currently booking for 2019 in the UK, western Europe, Canada, and the northeastern USA.

A veritable (prog-trad) folk super-group whose next moves promise to be extraordinary – David Morrison, FRUK

Group Manoeuvre… is cunning, exhilarating and at times almost emotionally overwhelming” – Maddy Cristall, Words On Sound



Bart Budwig


With over 150 national/international shows per year and seven full-length records, Bart Budwig and his cosmic country/secular gospel has become a mainstay of the Pacific NW music scene.

While Budwig’s records are known for their full band production and multi-faceted arrangements, many of his live shows strip this away, leaving him alone on stage. For some this may feel a rarer, more intimate affair. A man, a guitar, a single spotlight. It is this ambiance, this raw intimacy, that Budwig sets out to capture with his sixth LP, “Sabai.”

“From his home in Enterprise, Oregon, Budwig has established himself as one of the region’s most promising young country musicians.” – Oregon Public Broadcasting (2017)

“Paint By Numbers Jesus is an odyssey through American music with a backslidin’ gospel feel. Budwig has a knack for distilling songs down to their most significant elements, which he does here even with a full band.” – American Standard Time (2018)