Rubah di Selatan

Rubah di Selatan - Photo 2.jpg

Rubah di Selatan draw inspiration from their daily experiences, ancient tales and local history, fusing the incredible wealth of traditional art forms of their native land of Central Java and other parts of Indonesia with a modern ambient sound, embody the aural flavours of Javanese culture while exploring the framework of pop music, pushing the boundaries of both genres. Singing in English, Indonesian and Javanese, the band offers a novel perspective on a land we all know of, but about which we often know very little.

Their set is a goose-bump inducing journey through the traditions of the Indonesian Archipelago, its ancient wisdom and troubled history on a backdrop of constantly evolving sonic landscapes. Four voices, guitar, synthesizers and South Asian percussion make for a unforgettable dreamlike  experience.

The band has released a number of singles and is now recording their first full-length album.