Garance and the Mitochondries


London’s French extrovert Garance Louis, accordionist, songwriter and show woman, grew up in the independent ‘Cinémaginaire’ in the South of France. Garance’s childhood was filled with the sights and sounds of the movies – transporting her around the world without leaving Perpignan. When she set sail, it was on the streets of New Orleans, Brazil, Portugal, and Italy. The sense of adventure and creativity is plain to hear in her songs about absurd abstraction, procrastination, star-crossed open relationships; intoxicating love and subsequent break-ups, and rebirth in the Amazonian forest.


“The genres dipped into are familiar, but it is the idiosyncrasies that this French singer, composer and accordionist brings to her waywards waltzes , slippery chansons , and teetering tangos that holds the attention.
Thanks to her musical ambitions, Garance’s second album is a sprightly and atmospheric pleasure from beginning to end. […]” – Songlines Magazine 2018, issue 139